€399,- Incl. non rider membership.

No fool like an old fool!

Practice at least 15 times a year.

KNMV License
You have to buy your KNMV Basic Sport License - Grasstrack in advance!
Day license € 27.50 per day (do this before signing on for a race, as you need to enter your license number). Foreign drivers who have an international license from their respective motorsport association can only use this license during competitions in the Netherlands that are listed on the FIM / FIM Europe calendar. This international license is not valid for other free training sessions or other events (DFT Series & Hells Race) in the Netherlands.
If you are riding 2 days, you need to buy 2 day licenses = €55,00 Or a tip is buy a 'Basic Sports year Licence' so for a full year = €65,00 and come over for some more riding at Dirt Track Lelystad. "Basic Sports License" choose Track Sport (or Grasstrack) select club: Dirt Track Lelystad
NOTE: select English for a KNMV license so payment options are available with a credit card at check-out. You can read the KNMV instructions that apply to the license 'here' then go to https://knmv.nl/motorsport/sportlicentie-aanvragen/knmv-sports-license/ and purchase your License.


€ 399,00Prijs
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