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What we do

Dutch Flat Track organizes Flat Track

training and races throughout the Netherlands.

Our goal is to grow the sport,

while maintaining the family atmosphere and

geniality. In 2021 we started with

various training days and weekends. In

2022 we will expand this with 4 races in Blijham,

Roden, Siddeburen and Vledderveen.


Flat track is the oldest form of motorsport

and is originally from the United States.

We ride without a front brake and with

19" tires with relatively low profile.

As a result, it is necessary to

slide and drift the motorbike as fast as possible

driving across the track. We're riding on

gravel and clay courts of various lengths.

In principle, you can participate with any motorcycle. We

ride in different classes, from large to

small and from beginner to pro.

Board members


Richard Japin

Rogier tbv website DFT.jpg

Rogier Klippel


Maikel Dijkstra


Event Gallery

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